Friday, 11 February 2011

LEGO® Police City - Keeping LEGO City Safe from Crime!

From the command centre at the Police Station four police officers and a dog keep an eye on the prisoners in their cells. But still, they manage to escape through the pipe drain! They won’t get far on foot. The police officers use the police car to chase them down and transport them back to prison in the police van.There, their next mission already awaits them: sitting in the control centre of the huge Mobile Police Unit, the detective alerts the police officer that a robber is escaping in a sports car with a bar of gold.

Chase him down on the police motorcycle and put him in the mobile station’s prison! OR make a Prisoner Transport - put him in the back of the van and drive him to jail. It is also possible to call on the Police Dog Unit to have their help to track the escaping robber. The Police Minifigure Collection completes the theme with additional policemen, robbers and a police dog.

7288 - Mobile Police Unit



The Police Boat, patrolling and protecting the waterways of LEGO City. Equipped with handcuffs, walkie-talkies, and life vests, police officers are using the high speed police boat to chase a robber, who is fleeing on his personal watercraft.



                          7279 - Police Minifigure Collection

7286 - Prisoner Transport

7287 - Police Boat

7285 - Police Dog Unit

7498 - Police Station

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LEGO City Police Station

LEGO City Police Boat













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